I’m sure it comes as no surprise I have been missing from the blog world for over a month now.

I miss all of your posts and more importantly I miss creating my own.

Life has been a little overwhelming lately & I need to get back to what I love.

So here’s a quick post letting all of my amazing followers know I’m back.

I can’t wait to read all the posts I’ve missed.


Do any of you feel like it’s hard to balance school, work, and your relationships all the while taking care of yourself? Leave me a comment down below if you can relate or have experienced something similar.




3 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Just Jess says:

    I struggle with this all the time! I feel such guilt when I don’t blog and spend a bit of time on myself… but I literally have no time sometimes ha! I think to do it when we can is still good, maybe we just need to learn to put ourselves first more xx

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    1. Courtney says:

      I’m happy I’m not the only one! You are completely right, we should not allow ourselves to spoil something that we love to do. I need to find better balance within my life, allowing myself to enjoy everything and not being so overwhelmed. I think self-love and appreciation is really important thing, something that definitely needs to be talked about more.


      1. Just Jess says:

        I think it’s something so many people struggle with but don’t like to admit it. I feel like by admitting I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed and like I don’t feel I have a lot of time for myself makes it sound like I don’t have control, but we all have so many things in our lives – work, relationships, ambitions, health etc etc. We will get there, we are making all the right steps 🙂 xx

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